Sunday, May 1, 2016

All Freebies found on Apr. 30, 2016

This post needs LOTS OF BANDWIDTH! There are lots of pictures.

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  1. Thanks for the links,
    The sun came out so went for a walk,
    By from Christine in Italy xx

    1. Thanks Christine! I am still sad about your fruit trees. I hope they will still be able to produce some fruits. Can't wait to see your crochet and cross stitch project. Please, send a picture when you are done. Lots of things happening... My son graduates from high school this year and is off to college. Very stressful for me! He is a wonderful boy!!! and very smart!! Luiza

  2. Thanks for the links!
    Off to college! Wow!
    It is stressful - I was lucky and son was only about an hour away.
    He came home about once a month so it reduced my anxiety a bit
    But it was also nice to see him grow up and be more independent

    1. Thanks Nancy! My son will go to the East Coast. Very good school... but very far away. I will be lucky if he comes home more than 2 times in the year :( Luiza


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