Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google disabled my account

Google disabled my account. I am totally sad and surprised. I have no clue what happened. Apparently, as you can see, I can still post in this blog (not sure why either). ---UPDATE: I finally figure out why this blog is still alive: I created under another account! Only me... The blogs that are alive were created under other accounts: the other 2 (my children blogs) are under one of my kid's account.

Most of the other blogs are gone... My guess now is it is something related to Adsense. Someone clicking like crazy on the links? Who knows? So, I will remove adsense from this blog, at least for a while. My findings also mean that I will publish in this blog. I will try anyways tomorrow.

I am shocked, and just do not feel doing anything until things get resolved, as I do not know the reason of the disabling (and reading the internet, I will never know)...

Last night, I thought of some solutions, but it will take a lot of work. If things do not come back, I will see what I can do. But it will take sometime, as I am very sad, and very disappointed with people's behaviour (?), but even worse, with Google's approach.

One more thing: if you are the one responsible for what is happening, please get out of my turf. You know exactly who you are. The "don't be evil" phrase is a good way to conduct life in general, in my opinion. However, more and more I think that something happened to the Ads. I just do not know what triggered at the Google side.

For the rest of you, thanks for coming here.

My day was not good: I tend to be perfectionist, and very honest. I felt like a "bad person", trying to figure out what I have done wrong, even though I know I did not, at least consciously. All the comments and emails that I got totally made my day, and I say that deep from my heart: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I learnt some lessons though: keep blog stuff separate from your personal stuff. As I do not know why it happened to me, it can happen to anyone. I mean, you will loose access to your gmail (yes, lost all my contacts), reader (yes, lost all the feeds that I follow), picasa, adsense, blogger, feedburner, calendar (yes, lost all my family birthdays, appts), etc... and whatever you use from Google.

Tomorrow, the blog will be back..., at least this one. Thanks again