Thursday, October 8, 2009

Summary for the Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (all Classified) found on Oct. 08, 2009

This list is generated using a program (a Digital Freebie Search Engine) and it is manually classified. Do you want to be included in this blog? Please look at the About This Blog.Do you want to advertise in this blog? Please look at the How to Advertise post.The categories are being displayed in random order. Thanks for looking. Copyright 2008-2009 -

We found 226 Freebies today. Enjoy!

First time visitor? Welcome here. I hope you find the categorization useful for you.

Earlier in the day, I published the freebies in a page by page style. Now, some of them are organized into categories. You choose the style you like best.

My son started a blog. The blog is about Scratch, a great environment for children to learn to program and develop logic. If you have time, please drop by. The address is:

If you are looking for something specific, jump right into it using the categories. Notice that now you can navigate to previous or next category. Hope you liked it!

My engine is not perfect. So, sometimes when the engine thinks there is a freebie... well the freebie might not be there... Please, do not blame the designer for that.

Here are the categories for today:

Alpha(s),Font(s), Word Art(s) | Bookmark(s) | Boy/Prince, Girl/Princess, Babies, Children, Character(s) Theme | Commercial Use | Elements or Papers

Fall/Thanksgiving Theme | Family/Mom/Dad/Daughter/Grandma,Grandpa,etc... Theme | Halloween | Kit(s) | Pirate Theme

Quick Page(s) | Template(s), Overlay(s), Photo Mask(s) | Wedding, Birthday/Party Theme(s), Mardi Gras/Carnaval Theme | All |

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