Sunday, April 28, 2013

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End Of Today's Freebies Categories. I hope you enjoyed! See you next time.
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  1. Thank you for the links,
    Hubby gave Michelle's son a driving lesson,
    He's only 14 but was really good,
    He loved it and we brought a smile to his face,
    Miss my friend so much,
    By love Christine in Italy xx

    1. Thanks Christine! I can finally answer messages!!!! How nice that he liked the lesson. I learn to drive very, very young :) when my family went to the farm. I believe it made me a much better and careful driver when I could officially drive in the city. Luiza

  2. Thank you for the links!

    @Christine - It is great that you and your hubby are able to bring even a little happiness to Michelle's family.



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