Monday, September 16, 2013

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This post needs LOTS OF BANDWIDTH! There are lots of pictures.

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End Of Today's Freebies Categories. I hope you enjoyed! See you next time.
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  1. Thanks for the links,
    Hope you are feeling better today Luiza,
    Love Christine in Italy xx

    1. Thanks Christine! Hello Nancy! Still with the cold. It will take a few days to run its own thing... Not much energy, but I still have things I will get done today :) - at the computer :) Hope you and Nancy will have a wonderful and peaceful day. Luiza

  2. Thanks for the links - hope the cold doesn't stick around too long!
    Went to lunch with an good friend today so it was a great day for me!
    It is so hard to imagine our boys met in 2nd grade at the age of 8 and now they are 19!!
    It happens so quickly - I know all Moms of older kids say that and the moms of babies don't understand but it is so true!!
    No work on Tuesdays so tomorrow will be another good day :)


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