Saturday, September 21, 2013

All Freebies found on Sep. 21, 2013

This post needs LOTS OF BANDWIDTH! There are lots of pictures.

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End Of Today's Freebies Categories. I hope you enjoyed! See you next time.
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  1. Thank you for todays and yesterdays links,
    Never managed to get to the computer Yesterday, to busy with my english guests
    BUT i checked out the links and comments this morning,
    I want to say this is a great blog full of wonderful freebies and Luiza is a Great person,
    A good friend who i have never met but who brings me joy in sad moments,and she cares about me,she gives me links to cross stitch and embroidery,which i love, helps me if i have a computer problem and in any way she can,
    I love coming here every day,
    Many thanks to Luiza and everyone who gives freebies for me to enjoy,
    By by love Christine in Italy xx

    1. Thanks Christine! I hope your relatives are having a good visit and you are enjoying them. Thanks for the message. The good thing it does not affect me much anymore. I only feel sorry for some people that waste their time with rude comments. BTW, if you find freebies that you have to buy something in order to get it, could you please send me the link? I like to be fair, and I believe that comment came from someone that wanted me to publish her freebies, but you had to buy something in order to get them. Who knows who sent? It was anonymous :) However, if the trend is to do that, I will eliminate the sites that are doing that. I just took one out. I hope you have a great weekend. Luiza

  2. Thanks for the links!
    It is good that you can ignore the people who are negative. I have seen some say the most horrible thing to some designers who are so kind and generous and share their talents. Some just have nothing better to do than be mean.
    Stay strong and know that you are loved!!
    You had my weekend pegged except for productive - not so much off the to do list today. I am a really practiced procrastinator and all it took for me to put off the entire to do list was find I was out of vinegar so I couldn't run a cup full to clean the dishwasher. It was the first on my list - if I couldn't do that might as well as not do anything right!

    @Christine - I hope you are having fun with your guests!


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