Sunday, November 10, 2019

All Freebies found on Nov. 10, 2019

This post needs LOTS OF BANDWIDTH! There are lots of pictures.


  1. Thanks for the links.
    Getting colder now.
    Dull grey sky.
    Doing some crochet and cross stitch to.
    By love from Christine in Italy x

  2. Thanks for the links
    snow expected today
    could be an interesting drive home from work tonight

  3. I have added the link to my blog numerous times why wont it post my freebies? MY whole blog is freebies I think people would want to know about them! I have even written you with no response. I will post my link here. I will also add it again and again and again until it shows up. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for letting me know through a comment. Unfortunately, I have very little time to update the list of blogs nowadays.

      Your blog was added and you should see the "posts" the next time my engine runs. Thank you for your message.


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