Friday, August 16, 2013

All Freebies found on Aug. 16, 2013

This post needs LOTS OF BANDWIDTH! There are lots of pictures.

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End Of Today's Freebies Categories. I hope you enjoyed! See you next time.
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  1. Thanks for the links,
    Tomorrow evening Stella arrives,
    Won't be long now,

    x Nancy - Sounds like paper work in America is as bad as here in Italy,

    By love Christine in Italy xx

    1. Thanks Christine! Yay!!!! Stella is arriving!!! I am very happy for you. Nancy, I am so sorry that you had to do all that. Cheers, Luiza

  2. Thanks for the links!!
    @Christine - Have a great visit with Stella!! So happy you get to see her tomorrow (probably today by the time you read this!)

    Thanks you both for your support I am mostly over the whole paperwork mess but since I can't finish until Tuesday I may have more
    temper tantrums before it is finally over!!



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