Sunday, December 28, 2008

Special Post - Be aware when you are Booking through Hotwire

I know this blog is to post freebies, but I decided to share this bad experience, so the same thing does not happen to you. I just had a terrible experience booking a hotel through Hotwire.

I have been booking through Hotwire for car rental for several years and never had a problem regarding the description of what I am paying for. That is, the bill you pay has everything spelled out.

It turns out that the same clear business does not happen when you are booking a hotel. I wanted to book a hotel close to the rest of my husband's family in Colorado. Well... got the daily rate, taxes information, and whatever fees. I liked the price, and decided to book. After confirming, one of the "info" things "tells" me that I will have to pay $20 more for every night I spend at the hotel. This is after you confirm and cannot cancel your reservation. Called customer support and it was worthless. (Only tells me that it part of the small print in the agreement.)

So, I hope this never happens to you. Be aware when you are booking through them, at least hotels.


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